How To Import Your PHP Application Using Our 1-Click Installer

Since Softculous can be used to install any PHP application with one-click, you can also use it to import an existing installation to your cPanel server.

This not only helps with the migration but also its updates, backups and all.

The following first part assumes that the install in on a remote server.

First, make sure the PHP version of your root folder is compatible with the version of Laravel you wish to install.
  • Then click on the Import Tab on the Software page in the Softaculous Enduser panel.
  • Go to From Remote Server Tab on the Import page.
  • Fill in the domain and FTP details of the Source Installation and details such as:

    Source Details:

    • Protocol - (FTP or SFTP)
    • S/FTP Password - (password for the S/FTP user to connect to the server. If you are using cPanel enter your cPanel password here.)
    • FTP Path - relative path to a web-accessible directory of your domain i.e. the path after you login to your domain with the details you provided above.
    • Port - (21 or 22)
    • Domain name - (domain name from where the installation is to be imported from. Example: without "http://" or "https://")
    • Installation Directory

    Destination Details:

    • Protocol - the protocol that is supported by your server where the installation is to be imported.
    • Domain - the domain name where the installation is to be imported to. Example:
    • Directory (Optional) - the directory name where you want the installation to be imported to. Important: Keep this field blank if you want your installation to be imported to /public_html directory.
    • Database Name - the Database name where you want the database of the source installation to be imported to.
  • Click on the Import button to import an installation.

The import process will run in the background once you click on the Import button. You will receive the Emails regarding the initiation of the import process and the final status of the same.

You can view the import progress of the installation by visiting the Task List tab

Once the progress reaches 100% and the message Import Completed appear, you can manage the imported installation.

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