How To Change Username In WordPress

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to change your WordPress username is by creating a new user with your desired username and with the "administrator" user role using a different email address than the one used by the old account.

Logout and then login with the new user account you just created.

Go to the Users section and click on the Delete link under your old username.

Make sure that you click on "Attribute all content to:" option and then select the new user you just created.

Click on the "Confirm Deletion" button to delete the old user account.

Method 2: Using phpMyAdmin

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon in the Databases section
  3. Locate your WordPress database from the list on the left. If you're not sure which one it is, you can check the  define('DB_NAME', 'user_wp448'); in your wp-config.php file.
  4. Choose the _users table from the left menu.
  5. Locate the admin username and click on the "Edit" button on that line.
  6. Locate the "user_login" field and replace its value from admin to your new preferred WordPress login name and press the "Go" button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Log in with your newly selected WordPress username.
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